ELOISE, or, The Realities

'There are porous boundaries that exist between the worlds that revolve around us and the worlds that revolve within. It is crucial that we continually re-calibrate our perspectives and learn to travel between these boundaries, for reality to truly be experienced.'

- A. Ishmael

ELOISE, or, The Realities
Sherpa, haarlem
112 pgs
150 gsm 
ISBN 9789089881229
€16, 95
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Copies available at Kunststripbeurs, Saturday March 25 2017,10:00-17:00, Nicolaikerk, Utrecht.
I'll be present to deface them with signature or scribblings if so desired. 

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"For all things bear witness to one another and indicate one another"

- Moses Maimonides, Guide of the Perplexed

"E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle."

- Dante, Inferno

"Everything was in its place, despite the insanity that had mauled their lives of late, and though she hurried him on, he dawdled, his head back, squinting at the stars. There were no revelations to be had there. Just pinpricks of light in a plain heaven. But he saw for the first time how fine that was. That in a world full of loss and rage they be remote:the minimum of glory. As she led him across the lightless ground, time and again he could not prevent his gaze from straying skyward."

-Clive Barker, The Damnation Game

Some Ceremonies Are Better Than Others

The White People Orchestra & Travelling Phantasmagoria

Working on an installation for a joint exhibition at the Bries-space in Antwerp 21st of January, together with artist & sound magus  Matthias K├Ânig,
featuring sound objects inspired by & drawings from a comic i made in 2015.

let it come down

equestrian conundrum

when is a horse not a horse